The Network Trust


3 Church Hill View, Sydling St Nicholas, Dorset DT2 9SY


01300 341670


and Work

The Network Trust is an Evangelical Christian charitable trust which is registered with the Charity Commissioners in the United Kingdom (Registration No: 274796).

The purpose of the Trust is to promote and support the work of Evangelism - i.e. the proclamation of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, with a special concern for the use of every possible means of communication, particularly by Computer Software and the Internet. Donations to this ministry should be made payable to: "The Network Trust" . Please indicate if you wish your donation to be used for Grace Gospel Software ministry. In the United Kingdom gifts are "tax-recoverable" through "Gift Aid" or "Covenanted" giving. Please ask for details.

Please pray for this work and if you are able to support it financially, please send gifts to the address above.

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