The London Inreach Project







Purpose and Work

The London Inreach Project was established in 1978 with the aim of working towards the establishment of a Reformed Baptist church in inner London. During 1980 the conviction grew that Soho was the area that should be the initial focus of the work and it was in October 1982 that Michael Toogood became the Project's full-time worker in Soho. By God's grace, Immanuel Community Church, Soho was formally established in January 1987, with Michael as their pastor.
    In November of that year a congregation began to meet in neighbouring Covent Garden, and the focus of attention for the London Inreach Project gradually turned to this area. Under the leadership of Mike Mellor, Covent Garden Christian Fellowship continued to meet and grow in strength, until, by God's grace, on May 11th 1997 Covent Garden Evangelical Church was formally established.
    God-willing, the work of the London Inreach Project will continue to be the planting of Reformed Baptist churches in inner London.

Additional Information